Philosophising towards cataclysmic irrelevance!


I am speaking of the South Asian peninsular region, which is currently occupied by Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

On reading the last three posts, the reader might get an erroneous feeling.

That I am promoting a feeling that the history of the various places in the subcontinents as well as of the English interaction with the society was connected with kings and queens and princes.

It is not true. The south Asian peninsular region which was to become British-India in history was populated by a huge number of populations. When modern insipid historians speak about the history English colonialism, they miss this very essential component.

It was this component that stood as the pivot, which levered up the English rule, and pulled down the ancient oppressive rulers of the 2000 and odd locations in the subcontinent. Yet, they and their aspirations remain unmentioned in current-day history writings.


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It is my intention to bring focus on what really happened in this South Asian subcontinent that English colonialism simply rode up to the towering heights, on the swelling emotional support that this un-mentioned component lend to it.

To do this, there would be a need to go into the intimate details of what really happened. Such vital details do not show up in desultory academic statements that now are crammed in school textbook histories. The aim here is not to write another useless academic history book.

Along with this, there might be a parallel need to contemplate upon pristine-England, quite green and fair, of the yesteryears. That is, till about the end of the 2nd World War. Even though VICTORIAN-age is what is generally mentioned with rare adulation in this regard, there need be no doubt that even before the advent of this age, England was always better in various items, when compared to other geographical locations of contemporary times.

If anyone thinks that there are historical evidences of many misdemeanours that took place in England, in the medieval and ancient times, the only retort that should be offered is that most other geographical locations with much more terrible delinquencies, simply did not have any system of keeping historical records at all.

As Somerset Maugham once mentioned, the newer generations do not know anything much before the day they were born. There was an England that was different from the England that manages to survive today.

The current-day England is something that can be mentioned as overrun by many things that should never have been allowed unsupervised entry.

On one side, it is burdened by an overwhelming and overbearing clasp of an historical guilt, promoted by all insidious persons with real ulterior aims. That of being a nation that had looted many nations in the world.

On another side, even though it had spearheaded the blossoming of scientific and industrial growth, everything seems to have slipped into the hands of low-quality societies, who have barged in, with a very ferocious mood of competition and conquest.

The England of yore was a land of instinctive trainers. The tone of the social system was soft and refined. Now, the presence of outsiders with very boisterous traits are more or less erasing the quaint quality of Englishness, and possibly redefining human behaviours.

It is indeed true that in the South Asian subcontinent, the earlier English traders were looked upon as effeminate and quite soft. Yet, the power of harmonious enterprise that this afforded to the English side was apparent only when the native kings tried their attacks on the serene English trading centres, using totally uncouth and boisterous rowdy folks under them.

However, as of now inside England, this very high stamina and yet quite soft social communication pattern is being distorted by a non-English social training which is slowly diffusing inside.

On another side, technical toys and gadgets that silently import mental intentions of totally alien-to-English social systems might be training the new generation. And posterity.

Then there is the problem of utterly unbridled pornography spreading terrible social disconnection in the land. Pornography in itself is not the problem. For, English pornography is not an unknown thing in England, even during the heights of the Victorian era. However, it would have been good if alien cultures are not allowed the leeway to redefine male – female social relationships.

Apartheid on populations that define non-reclusive female as ‘sluts’, would have been correct. But then, current-day academic studies have more or less negated all social intelligence under the barrage of a totally un-understood idea of ‘human equality’.

Then there is the US. It has become a great English nation run totally amok. With so many anti-English vested interests taking command over everything including the English language, and inputting errors into everything that the US had received from the heritage of England.

No true native-English nation would dare to claim preponderance over England. It then becomes the heights of silliness. Current-day US is a burden on England. Hopefully, there is solace in the offing, before long.

At another location, there is British democracy gone insane. The very PM demanding the surrender of the kingdom to extra-national lobbies and oligarchies, run by historical enemies.

Totally gullible persons have shoved themselves into positions of policymaking. They are falling for the deceitful ploys of population lobbies, which have a much focused aim of conquest. Any sensible policymaker should know that when extra-national interests showcase a sympathy-garnering story or picture, it is just a gimmick and a tool for hoodwinking the nation into deluded and idiotic complacency.

Technical skills, talents, expertises, geniuses &c. are dime-a-dozen in many nations. However, none of them can create an England. If they are all allowed to rush in, what remains is not a nation of great talents, expertise, skill and genius. Instead what would come about would be an unbearable nation, from which all persons of soft refinement would have to run off.

Down the slippery slopes of irresponsible desultory philosophising is the call for abolishing monarchy in the kingdom. People who do it do not know what they are proposing. The political structure of England has evolved over the centuries. Each and every individual subject in the kingdom is connected by slender, yet powerful strings to a central focus. It has now become a fashion to disparage this focus of emotional conjoining. The senseless aim seems to be to turn England into a wasteland. There is much to be mentioned about the unforeseen dangers in pulling down the grand apparatus of English monarchy.

England has a very unique heritage. It is connected to the supernatural language software it is in possession of. Even though various populations all around the globe have taken this software hostage, and are dismantling and manhandling it, to suit their own nefarious purposes, this software has been delivered by providence to England. There is much to be said about this possession.

It is the divine duty of England to remain pure and pristine.

To be continued…


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