Divine language versus those with satanic disposition


Here I am taking a detour from my planned route. This has been caused by the discussion I had with veteran09 in the last post.

He mentions thus: QUOTE: I have heard other people rejoicing in Shakespearean Composition; and of The King James Bible too. I have not seen, as yet, the wonders of Our GOD given Language, as I believe others like yourself can SEE !!! END OF QUOTE

I have been mentioning the issue of languages being software with very powerful compositions that can literally reach out to the capacities of actual softwares (mantra) in the physical world, in human social life and in defining both anthropological features as well as animal dispositions.

I am not a Shakespeare fan. However, this does not influence my contention that the works of Shakespeare has nothing to do with my contentions. In fact, even though Shakespeare writings do contain awesome content features, there is no saying that these kinds of things, or even more, are not there in other human languages and in the currently un-detected literary content in animal communication systems.

In fact, the beauty that I can discern in some of the literary creations in the native vernaculars around me is spellbinding, and not even contemplate-able in English. Yet, it is like saying that the mesmeric melody that is embedded in the howling of the jackals can be enjoyed in full only by jackals. To enjoy the beauty that is there in the local vernacular literary creations actually requires a mental, physical and attitudinal transformation into a human being of the native type to some extent. For a native-English individual, there is no gain in arriving at this transformation, just to enjoy this transient beauty.

I am aware of the style of writing in King James Version of Bible. This again is not the point here. In fact, when people mention all these to mention that beauty of English, they are actually deluding the native-Englishman and leading him astray.

I do not know how to explain what I am contending. Let me try.

Decoding a single negativity

I am just mentioning the police department structure over here.
1. DGP (Director General of Police)
2. IGP (Inspector General of Police)
3. DGP (Deputy Inspector General of Police)
4. SP (Superintendent of Police) / AIGP (Assistant Inspector General of Police)
5. ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police)
6. DySP (Deputy Superintendent of Police)
7. Inspector of Police
8. Sub Inspector of Police
9. Assistant Inspector of Police
10. Head Constable
11. Constable

The hierarchy is clear. It is quite a simple positional hierarchy, which can be understood in English.

However, that is not the only hierarchy running through the line-up of actual persons in a feudal language world. It may easily be noticed that all the individuals in the chain of command are connected in the software of English by very singular codes of YOU, HE, HIS, HIM, HIS, SHE, HER, HERS, HER, THEY, THEIR, THEIRS, THEM, WE, OUR, OURS, US &c.

This is a very candid area of difference. In a feudal language, each one of these individual word links does come in a multiplicity of words. For instance, in the languages of the northern parts of the subcontinent, for the English word YOU, there is this array of words: Aap, Thum and Thoo. For languages of the south, the word array can be Saar (Thaangal), Ningal and Nee.

Actually there are more. I do not want to insert confusion here by bringing in the whole lot here.

Looking at the southern version of the languages, the police hierarchy can be mentioned as for each link in the command chain as Thaangal towards the top and Nee towards the bottom. However, this is a very simplistic version. The reality is much more complex.

The terror in the scheme of things is that actually in private locations, the individuals in the link do not really follow this ideal hierarchy of words. For, when their officers are junior to them in age, the juniors do use the pejorative words for referring to their seniors. I leave this point here. It will lead to another location if I follow this path.

Now, if we look at each link in the command chain, top is the Golden ‘Thaagal’ and the bottom is the degraded ‘Nee’.

That means that there are there eleven layers of this code link: Thaangal-Nee. The top man naturally will have golden features, and the bottom man will have a lowered standards. Beyond that, each layer can be connected to any layer in the command chain. This means a Thaangal on the mountain peak to a Nee in the gorge.

If this ideal situation continues, the constable is at the bottom layer. He or she has the most negative mental disposition in the language code layer.

At this point, I need to stop.

And then mention these two items.

When one moves socially at the level of the DGP, IGP, SP etc., the constable-level looks quite mean and dirty. However, that is not the exact truth. At each level, the individuals do garner people to be below them. That is, a lot of people whom they can address as Nee (degraded).

Here, they are the leaders of these subordinated people. Each level of subordination reflects in the mind, mood and expression of the affected person. That is why, in India, the class of people who traditionally are upper-class (via caste or profession or financial acumen), do generally have superior looks, while the downtrodden ‘Nee’ group have a distorted facial and physical features.

However, the essential social terror is in going under the lowest of any hierarchy. That is, being abused by pejorative words (Nee &c.) by a DGP or IGP or even SP can be borne. However, being addressed as Nee by a constable can be an unbearable mental taunt. It is worse than being touched by an untouchable individual in the caste hierarchy.


Picture taken from Castes and tribes of Southern India by Edgar Thurston.

Point for extrapolation: Lower castes, though suppressed, are actually very crude, rude and quite oppressive at their own level to those who come under them. Coming under them is worse than being directly under the upper castes.

It is a complicated world.

This is where English stands divinely supreme. There are no terrible hidden codes that can literally pour excrements into the depth of a human soul.

When mentioning stories of the great ‘freedom struggle’ in ‘India’, historians purposefully leave out the great liberation that the lower class received by just being under the English rule. For, being under the great ‘Indian leaders’ was actually an experiences of being transported back to the excrement part of their communication, for especially the lower classes.

In fact, the actual experience of the English rule, as experienced by the natives of the subcontinent differed due to a variety of reasons, including where in the language codes their stood. Beyond that there would be marked difference in the way the different constituents of the Great Britain were experienced in the subcontinent: viz. the English, the Welsh, the Irish and the Scots. And also, Continental Europeans also did piggyback ride inside the location, using their white skin colour as a serviceable camouflage.

PS: I have dealt with only a very small part of the huge software codes inside a feudal language. There is a huge domain remaining.

2. Look at this image of British sailors arrested by Indian policemen. It might give some hint as to why the natives of the subcontinent rallied under the English. NEWS

3. I do not want to go into the language code issues in this write-up. For a lot of things are there to be mentioned, apart from the language-code issue.


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